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I realise Mary had a little lamb...

but she did not have a little drunkard. This is ridiculous!

Fans of Sarah Rees Brennan's Work
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Sarah Rees Brennan
We're interested in sarahtales's writing, both online and published. Here's the place to talk about her blog, her short stories, her YA novel, The Demon's Lexicon, and its upcoming sequel, The Demon's Covenant.

* * *

So in the supermarket, I became distracted by a jar of marmalade. The little orange strands in it suddenly looked rather like fish to me, and I tilted the jar of marmalade towards the light, thinking 'the fish would need special jelly-absorbing gills' when it occurred to me that nobody who thinks about fish living in marmalade will ever turn out to be a Secret Genius.

... It was a blow to me, I will confess. But I'm recovering.


* * *

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