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Messenger Earrings and Talismans- Now on Etsy!

Drumroll please.... I have talismans and messenger earrings for sale on Etsy!


The hoops of the earrings are 1 inch in diameter and are made with aluminum wire and dagger charms. They have base metal French wires, and I can substitute posts or sterling silver French wires for an additional cost.

Price: $12 USD + shipping* (see below)

Etsy listing:


These are examples of the talismans I've already made which are ready to sell. I can also do custom orders--email me at

Talisman 1

Price: $30 USD + shipping

Talisman 2

Price: $25 USD + shipping

Talisman 3

Price: $35 USD + shipping

Talisman 4

Price: $25 USD + shipping

Talisman 5

Price: $35 USD + shipping

Talisman 6

Price: $35 USD + shipping

Talisman 7

Price: $25 USD +shipping

All of the talismans are made using bangle bracelets which are 2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters) in diameter. They vary in complexity of design and in materials. All use 100% cotton embroidery floss for the knotting, and polymer clay bones. The bones are all hand-sculpted and vary in size. Some incorporate glass beads, and others have faceted crystals. Each talisman is strung on leather cord, which can be cut to a variety of lengths (I recommend 20 inches, which is a standard necklace length). The closure can also be modified at no extra cost; options include: lobster claw, barrel closures, and spring rings (base metal). Knots have been secured using clear nail lacquer, and tailing threads will be as well.

Payment: Paypal [I'll post a link to my Paypal soon]

*Shipping: Shipping will be $5 USD within the US [International Marmafish, email me at and I can get you a quote].

**If you buy a pair of messenger earrings along with a talisman, shipping is FREE! If you buy multiple talismans, shipping is also FREE! If you buy multiple pairs of messenger earrings... shipping is FREE!
***I recommend purchasing earrings + talismans, multiple earrings, or multiple talismans at the same time, to save on shipping costs.

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