the camelion Poet (altogetherisi) wrote in marmalade_fish,
the camelion Poet


 Hi guys!

Since it's taken a little while to figure out, unless there is outcry we are now planning for the TDS livechat and readthrough with SRB to happen next Saturday, ie the 20th of August, not tomorrow. That way we have a little extra time to spread the message that it is happening, and anyone that still hasn't read the book can catch up quick! 

I was going to suggest we begin at about 3pm BST, which I believe is 10am EST and 7am PST. This is very much open to suggestions if you would prefer something else/have a better idea. Bear in mind that the last two times we did this it lasted 12 hours and a bit more than 12 hours I think? 
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This sounds really good to me! (:
Sounds good to me.
Craaaaaap. I am doing family things in Chicago that weekend!
Oh no! Someone will get a transcript to post later, though, and there may even be some relay set up between Twitter and the chatroom if people can agree on a hashtag. *looks shifty, eyes tweetchat*
#chatfish (:
That sounds like a great idea!
I'll be at a con in the morning, but I might be able to make the tail end of the chat. If I can't, is there any way to have a proxy ask a question for me? Especially since it's early on in the book.
Yes of course, do! I would be perfectly happy to make sure your question is asked and answered if you would like, or feel free to ask someone else to :)

These chats do last a very long time, and lots of people pop in and out when they can, so I really hope you can make it for some of it! Also, for the record SRB is generally wonderful at replying to comments or emails so if you have follow up questions or anything after the chat don't feel like you've missed the only chance you'd have to ask her something directly.
So where is it going to be happening?
We'll be back in the original chatzy chatroom I think, that seems less confusing for people that aren't regular chatfish.
OK, room has been upgraded.