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Advanced Reader Copy Give-Away Contest

Simon and Schuster UK, publishers of The Demon’s Lexicon, has been so good as to offer TWENTY-THREE ADVANCED READER COPIES of the book to marmalade_fish community members. So we’ve put together a contest in order for everyone to have a chance at winning one. It’s very easy to enter, and you don’t have to know anything about The Demon’s Lexicon, but you do get to be creative!


  • There will be a contest to create a little something in three different categories: a t-shirt slogan, a sticker, and/or a bookplate concept. (Explained in further detail below.)

  • Every creation submitted will automatically earn the creator one entry into a drawing.

  • You can enter yourself more than once, by creating something for each category. However, you can only have one entry per category, for a total limit of three entries. You may not submit more than one creation per category. E.g.: You can submit a t-shirt slogan and a sticker for your name to be entered twice; you cannot just submit two t-shirt slogans to be entered twice. This is so if you’re really into it, you can improve your chances of winning, but you’re encouraged to think about each creation and do something cool!

  • Twenty people will be selected from the drawing to win an ARC. The selections will be random, but they will be weighted towards people who live in the UK. This is because the branch of Simon and Schuster who is supplying the ARCs is in the UK, and are marketing for the UK. Shipping outside the UK is expensive, and branches elsewhere will have their own separate ARC give-aways (not necessarily here). We guarantee at least 5 people outside the UK will win ARCs, but most of the rest will be UK.

  • The three best creations for the contest will be chosen by Sarah Rees Brennan. Each winner will recieve an ARC, plus an additional prize! These selections are not weighted towards the UK, and are based entirely on the merit of your entry. Your creations will be put to cool use!


    Here are the categories. Remember, you can create one thing for each category, and each creation will earn you an entry into the drawing, for a total of three entries. The best entry in each category will not only recieve an ARC, but a special something else!

    1. The t-shirt slogan.

    In the first chapter of The Demon’s Lexicon, Mae wears a shirt that reads, “Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have lasted”. Your challenge is to create a slogan for another t-shirt Mae would wear.

    The writer of the best slogan, besides getting an ARC, will win a t-shirt with the slogan on it from Shop Marmalade. Mae may also wear said t-shirt at some point, if Ms. Rees Brennan can fit it into her novels or stories.

    2. The sticker.

    This will be a small graphic to go in a stickerbook like this. The stickerbook will be The Demon’s Lexicon and marmalade fish themed, and the stickers can mark stuff in calendars and other neat sticker stuff. We chose this because you don’t have to be able to draw or have graphic programs. The picture (or whatever you decide to put!) should be small and relatively simple, and something either The Demon’s Lexicon or marmalade fish related. The challenge is to create something fun and interesting!

    The sticker can be in a gif, png or jpeg file format. The minimum recommended dimensions are 261 x 261 pixels, or just under an inch square. The maximum file size is 50mb. If you want a template for the sticker, you can download one here.

    Samples of sticker designs, some featuring the fabulous art of disordered_mess, can be seen here, and this blog entry has links to some great, free online drawing tools you can use.

    The creator of the best sticker, besides getting an ARC, will win a DL and m_f themed stickerbook, put together by orexisbella. The winner will also recieve a Moleskine planner, courtesy of moi, to put the stickers in (if so desired)!

    3. The bookplate concept.

    Create a concept for a bookplate. You can just tell us the concept, or cobble together defunct graphics, or do a quick sketch, but the winning concept will be executed by orexisbella for an actual bookplate. The reason you only have to submit a concept is so you can enter quickly and easily, and you don’t have to have any mad artistic skillz. We want everyone to be able to enter and share their ideas! Here’s an example of something you could submit for this category:

    “A picture of a cat with the text I CAN HAS BOOK NAO?” —submitted by orexisbella

    Author bookplates can include all sorts of elements, such as quotes from the book and decorative borders. You can see some samples of signed bookplates here.

    The creator of the best bookplate concept will get a special artisan bookplate. It will be signed by Sarah Rees Brennan, and read “ex stylis”, as opposed to “ex libris” (“from the pens of” rather than “from the books of”), so it can go in the winner’s ARC. The winner will also get a set of unmarked ex libris plates to use for their personal book collection!


    The Give-Away Contest is now closed.

    Now we will spend one week drawing the twenty names, preparing prizes, and letting Sarah decide 3 winners. On March 1st, the 3 winners, and the other 20 from the drawing will be announced.

    As soon as you send us your addresses, the 23 advanced reader copies and 3 prizes will be mailed out.

    If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to ask here. Come on and play!
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