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Demon's Lexicon Teas

So I made a bunch of teas on Adagio teas based off the main characters of TDL trilogy.  You can find the lot of them at my tumblr or on Adagio teas.  Totally not a plug to buy (I make absolutely no money off of any of it) but just because I think they're fun to make and giggle over.  Maybe some of you will be as amused as I was.  :)

For example:

“Love always costs more than you can afford to pay. And it’s always worth the price.” Loyal and loving to a fault, but don't think that makes him an angel. He'd tell you it wouldn't, but then, you can never trust a thing he says.

Almond makes a comforting, soft tea base, strengthened by a brisk, no-nonsense earl grey bravo. A touch of jammy fruit and a dash of sharp lemon round this tea out. Lovingly inspired by Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Lexicon series.

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