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Today is the Livechat!

The Marmfish TDS readthrough and livechat with SRB is a go!

The chat is currently scheduled to begin around 3pm BST / 10am EST / 7am PST on Saturday 20th August, so today where I am typing from but possibly still tomorrow for some timezones! If you aren't sure when this is for you, you can check here on the world clock

Same place as previously, on Chatzy in The Demon's Slightly Disturbing Hobbies room, where the password as always is 'zombieboyfriend'. 

The room has been upgraded so there is no limit on how many people can join in, and the entire chat history is again accessible. 

This is a live readthrough, so bring your copy of The Demon's Surrender if you have one. There will be spoilers if you have not read it, though these chats have historically been kind to people who haven't read the whole thing. We shall very probably do an advancing spoilers thing, so for example the first half hour free to discuss the first chapter, but not a free for all for the entire book until later on in the chat. That way, if you have read part of the book or are reading it for the first time you ought to be able to join in without being spoilered for the end (unless you choose to be!)

If you don't have a copy yet and your local shop doesn't stock it and you must have it NOW!, it is available in ebook format from some places, and many ebook formats have reader programs that you can download for your computer or phone, in case you're not into the separate-book-reading-device thing. (Sadly, I'm not sure if it's available for electronic purchase worldwide.) 

The chats typically run long. Really long! The last two were both about twelve hours. You're certainly not required to stay for the whole thing, but it is great fun if you can. Don't worry if you come late, the chat will very probably be going strong still, so don't fear that you've missed all the fun if you're two hours late for some reason. Feel free to pop in and out as much as you like!

If you are planning to stay for the whole thing, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit, a place to plug in if you're using a laptop, a convenient bathroom, something to drink, and something to eat readily available!

Chatzy can make some people's computers run more slowly, so if you know your computer is likely to be a problem, try rebooting before coming into the room and having a minimum of other tabs/other windows open. Chatzy is also supposed to work on iPhone and Android browsers, and I occasionally get it to work on my WebOS phone. There is a link to switch between mobile format and regular format in the top left before you enter the room. 

Chatzy eats special characters like those pretty curly-quote marks and the &emdash; and so forth, so if you have any text prepared to paste at us (ahem, sarahtales ;-P ... or those with questions from those who could not make it), do check to see that it's not full of special characters if you can, as it will make life a bit less %201Cinteresting%201D%85 

For those who can't make it to the chat, someone will be collecting a chat transcript and posting it in this community. Also, since the chatroom has been upgraded, there should be access to the back-chat for any user that would prefer to read it over there.

If you can't get to chatzy while the chat is going on, but you have twitter, look out for the #chatfish hashtag: some people from within the chat are planning to tweet some of comments, and I will try to make sure any questions asked there do get answered. If you are going to use this option, please make sure your twitter feed is unlocked!

The Emergency Backup Plans 
The chat is likely to be over by the time Chatzy reboots its servers for the week (Sunday morning at 8.22 GMT). It really shouldn't, but if Chatzy goes entirely down at any point there is a backup chatroom in the ##chatfish (yes, two hashes) IRC channel on Freenode. For those who have an IRC client installed, the direct link is irc:// For those who may be looking at me asking "What's an IRC?!?" with or without a slightly glazed look of panic: this is the emergency link if Chatzy breaks: 

See you there!
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